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Yuliya (You) Wei

MSc student

Research topic: “Wettability Alteration Induced by Chemical Agents at Elevated Temperature and Pressure"


The focus of this new research is to further study wettability alteration capacity of previously screened modifiers under both hot water condition with higher temperature and steam condition. Interfacial tension between oil and modifier solution are measured. Contact angle measurement is extended to steam and hot water conditions and the wettability alteration process is tested using capillary imbibition method at high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. Atomic force microscopy will help to give visual data illustrating the deposition of the chemicals on the surface of mica and calcite substrates.


  1. Wei, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Selection of Proper Chemicals to Improve the Performance of Steam Based Thermal Applications in Sands and Carbonate,” SPE 181209, 2016 SPE Latin America and Caribbean Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Tech. Conf., Lima, Peru, 19-20 Oct.

  2. Wei, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Selection of New Generation Chemicals as Steam Additive for Cost Effective Heavy-Oil Recovery Applications,” SPE 184975, 2017 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Tech. Conf., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 15-16 Feb.

  3. Wei, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Alteration of Interfacial Properties by Chemicals and Nano-Materials to Improve Heavy-Oil Recovery at Elevated Temperatures,” Energy and Fuels, vol. 31, 11866-11883, 2017.

  4. Wei, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Changing Interfacial Tension and Wettability Using New Generation Chemicals and Nano Metal Particles at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures:  An Analysis through New Experimental Design for Heavy-Oil Recovery Applications,” J. of Disp. Sci. and Tech., vol. 40, no.12, 1785-1794, 2019.

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