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Yeji Soh

MSc student

Research topic: "Improvement of Post-CHOPS: Cyclic Solvent Injection with Optimal Solvents and Conditions"


This research proposes experimental and numerical modeling of hydrocarbon gas injection as a cyclic solvent injection process.  Methane and mixture of methane and propane (62% C1-38% C3, 50% C1-50% C3) were used as solvent for primary depletion, and for methane cases, CO2 huff n puff was followed to test the potential of additional recovery. As a result of these experiments, methane showed about 14% oil recovery, but with additional CO2 huff ‘n’ puff  around 15% recovery was added, totaling 29% recovery. Methane-propane mixture resulted in a lower oil recovery, which was about 5%, due to decreased foamy effect.


  1. Soh, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Use of Air to Improve the Efficiency of Foamy Flow and Reservoir Pressurization in Heavy Oil Recovery,” J. Petr. Sci. and Eng., vol. 170, 166-176, 2018.

  2. Soh, Y., Rangriz-Shokri, A. and Babadagli, T.: “Optimization of Methane Use in Cyclic Solvent Injection for Heavy Oil Recovery after Primary Production through Experimental and Numerical Studies,” Fuel, vol. 214, 457-470, 2018.

  3. Soh, Y., Rangriz-Shokri, A. and Babadagli, T.: “A New Modeling Approach to Optimize Methane-Propane Injection in a Field after CHOPS,” SPE 181322, 2016 SPE Ann. Tech. Conf. and Exh., Dubai, UAE, 26-28 Sept.

  4. Soh, Y. and Babadagli, T.: “Cost Effective EOR in Heavy-Oil Containing Sands by Gas Injection:  Improvement the Efficiency of Foamy Flow and Pressurization,” SPE 186196, 2017 SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conf. and Exh. (APOGCE), Bali, Indonesia, 17-19 Oct.

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