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MEng Students

Marian Korfanta

MEng 2015

Research topic: “Modeling Solvent Injection in Fractured Reservoirs: 2-D Visual Analysis"

Bolorma Bayarsaikhan

MEng 2015

Co-advisor: Dr. H. Li

Research topic: “Scaling-up Heavy-Oil Recovery Laboratory Experiments to Field Scale"

Jamal Farooqui

MEng 2015

Co-advisor: Dr. H. Li

Research topic: “Improvement of the Recovery Factor Using Nano-Metal Particles at the Late Stages of Cyclic Steam Stimulation"

Juan Carlos Eugenio

MEng 2014

Research topic: "Analysis and Field Scale Verification of SAGD Relative Permeabilities"

Syed Raza

MEng 2013

Research topic: “Effect of roughness on oil-water and gas-water relative permeabilities of a single fracture"

John Greff

MEng 2013

Research topic: "Catalytic Effects of Nano-Size Metal Ions in Breaking Asphaltene Molecules during Thermal Recovery of Heavy-Oil"

Rajpreet Singh

MEng 2011

Research topic: "Mechanics and Up-scaling of Heavy-Oil Bitumen Recovery by Steam-Over-Solvent Injection in Fractured Reservoirs (SOS-FR) Method"

Pavel Resnyanskiy

MEng 2008

Research topic: "Development of Marginal/Mature Oil Fields, A Case Study: The Sinclair Field"

Javed Lashari

MEng 2008

Research topic: "Assessment of Horizontal and Vertical Permeability Distribution Type Using Pressure Transient Data"

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