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Enoc Basilio

MSc student

Thesis: "Displacement Mechanics and Stability of Foamy Oil during Secondary Recovery of Heavy Oil Using Methane and Air"



  1. Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.: “Testing the Injection of Air with Methane as a New Approach to Reduce the Cost of Heavy Oil Recovery: An Experimental Analysis to Determine Optimal Application Conditions,” Fuel, vol. 265 (April 1), Article 116954, 2020. 

  2. Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.: “Use of Air with Methane in Cyclic Solvent Injection Applications for Improved Foam Stability and Cost Effective Heavy Oil Recovery,” Energy and Fuels, vol. 34, 278-293, 2020.

  3. Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.: “Mechanics of Foamy Oil during Primary and Secondary Recovery of Heavy Oil: A Comprehensive Review,” accepted for publication in SPE Res. Eval. and Eng., 2020. 

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